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Is Aircrete Waterproof?

2023-07-03 16:30:03  News

Aircrete is a mix of water, cement powder and foam. This lightweight construction material is used to build everything from dome homes to fences. It is fireproof, insect-proof and offers excellent acoustic insulation. It is also energy-efficient and requires less maintenance over time than a traditional home.

Unlike concrete which uses gravel, rock and sand, aircrete is light and aerated and doesn’t need these materials for strength. It can be pumped around any shape and the voids created between the bubbles offer plenty of thermal insulation. It is also much easier to make than concrete and can be made by anyone with the right equipment.

The ingredients in aircrete are not known to catch on fire so it is naturally fireproof. It is also waterproof as it can withstand any amount of water without damaging the structure. This is important because the most common damage to homes comes from water, especially leaking pipes and fixtures. Aircrete is a great choice for homes in any climate, but especially in wet weather regions.

Aircrete is also very energy efficient and can reduce your heating and cooling costs significantly over the years. This is because of the aforementioned thermal insulation properties as well as its ability to keep the temperature stable inside your home. It also doesn’t need as much maintenance over the years because it doesn’t rust or rot like timber and doesn’t need any chemical preservatives. It is a very green choice and many builders are choosing to incorporate this in their designs due to the numerous benefits that it provides.

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