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How to Make Foam Cement Blocks

2023-07-10 19:15:02  News

foam cement blocks are an alternative construction material that can be used in place of bricks. They have a high compressive strength and low density, making them easier to handle and transport. They are also water- and fire-resistant.

To make foam cement, mix the first half of a 94lb bag of concrete mix and a bucket of perlite to a mixer or wheelbarrow. The perlite absorbs the water in the mixture, thickening it. Add more perlite to the mix to achieve your desired thickness.

Then, add the rest of the concrete mix and stir until it’s a consistency similar to Play-Doh. If the mix feels dry, knead it until it’s wet. It’s important not to add too much water because it causes shrinkage, which can weaken your walls.

Once the mix is ready, fill your block molds. Ensure you’re standing on a level surface and that your block molds are lined up. Pour your foam cement mixture into the molds. For the finest drying outcomes, cover the molds with plastic wrap.

If you’re insulating your foam concrete block walls, you can use spray foam or injection foam to create an air seal. Mineral wool, EPS, and XPS are other insulation options that can be used in CLC wall construction. If you decide to use foam insulation, be sure to choose a quality brand. If possible, work with a manufacturer that openly provides maximum information about their product. This will help you avoid buying cheap products that may not be as effective.

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