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How to Make CLC Blocks

2023-06-05 08:18:20  News

how to make clc blocks

CLC blocks, which are also known as foam concrete and cellular lightweight concrete (CLC), are an advanced building material that can be used for both walls and floors. They are much lighter than regular clay bricks and have good thermal and sound insulation properties. These blocks are also made from recycled materials and are eco friendly. They are available in a range of sizes and are easy to handle during construction.

The production process of clc blocks involves adding water to fly ash, sand, cement and a foaming agent. The foaming agent can be either synthetic or protein-based. The foaming agent helps to produce air bubbles in the mixture, which reduces the specific gravity of the concrete and makes it lighter. The blocks are then formed into shapes and placed in molds.

Another advantage of these bricks is that they can be easily molded into different shapes and are highly durable. They are also fire resistant and termite-proof. These bricks can be used to construct load bearing walls, partition walls and even ceilings.

The manufacturing process of these brocks is time-consuming and requires various equipment. Manually manufacturing these blocks also involves a lot of wastage due to wrong compositions and improper shaping. However, the usage of clc block making machine decreases labour to a great extent and ensures accurate composition and shape cutting. As a result, the overall cost of the blocks is reduced.

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