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Foam Concrete Wall

2023-02-02 05:00:02  News

Foam concrete wall (FCW) is a structural insulating material that is used for constructing walls, floors, foundations and other structures. It can be made from a variety of materials, but it is typically produced using portland cement and ground quartz sand in an autoclave or in a wet process with quicklime and thermal power ash.

Foam Concrete is an insulated construction product that is a lightweight and durable form of concrete. It is often manufactured with a polystyrene binder that is combined with cement. It is also possible to produce foam concrete with a silica component, such as thermal power ash or ground granulated blast furnace slag, which reduces the cost of the binder and the shrinkage of the finished product.

It can be cast to a height of 3.50 meters and in a variety of orientations, including in upright position for load bearing applications. It is very strong and can resist earthquakes, fires, wind, and other disasters.

In addition to the energy savings that come from insulating a wall, foam concrete also can increase its durability by improving temperature regulation. It is an ideal choice for homes, offices, and other building projects that require the highest level of energy efficiency.

To ensure that a wall has the proper amount of insulation, a mason can spray a layer of foam into the openings left by the mortaring process and studs. The foam fills all the cavities, preventing air movement and creating an air seal. This is one of the best options for insulating a concrete block wall, but it is recommended that the wall be covered with drywall and the studs furred out before the insulation is sprayed.

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