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Foam Concrete Wall

2023-04-16 10:00:04  News

A foam concrete wall is a modern, environmentally friendly building material. It is lightweight, thin and can be built into a non-load bearing wall quickly without adding additional structural elements like steel columns or some truss systems. It also improves temperature regulation, dampens exterior sounds, and increases wall strength.

Unlike cellular concrete, foam concrete does not require heat treatment during production. Moreover, the production process can be automated and therefore reduces costs.

Cellular Concrete versus Foam Concrete for Small-Size Blocks

The most common and popular small-size wall blocks are made of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), which requires chemical aeration of a lime-silicate mix and further thermal treatment in a special steam pressure chamber. However, AAC is brittle and sensitive to external moisture, which could lead to durability problems.

Foam Concrete versus AAC for Small-Size Blocks

In addition to being lightweight, thick, and highly insulated, foam concrete walls are durable, water-resistant, fire resistant, and easy to build into a non-load bearing wall. They can be cut into virtually any shape and are a cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete blocks.

Pre-Cast Panels for Small-Size Walls

A variety of precast panels, including 60 x 50cm interlocking panels and 1.2m hollow-core, interlocking panels, can be cast into a non-load bearing wall more quickly than small-size blocks, while reducing the overall loading on the wall. They can be used in a wide range of applications, including fire resistant walls, internal walls, suspended floors, and single wythe construction.

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