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Various Types of Foaming Agent

2023-04-15 14:25:03  News

Various types of foaming agent serve different purposes. Some are used for foaming toothpaste and other personal care products to create a soft lather that is mild and non-irritating on the skin. Others are used in detergents to create a firm and durable foam that is effective at cleaning surfaces.

Foaming agents are also used to reduce the amount of plastic in certain products, resulting in lighter weight goods that use less fuel for shipping. This saves money and helps protect the environment.

In a preferred method, a water-containing binder paste (building material slurry) is stirred and dissolved in a specialized mixer. Then the slurry is foamed with water and the foam sets to form the completed (porous) lightweight building material.

The foaming agent can be based on a mixture of C1-C20 monools, esters or aliphatic alcohols, or it may be based on a combination of these and other supplementary solvents in relatively small amounts. The surfactant component is usually the aforementioned C1-C20 monools or esters, but the blowing agent may also be an alkoxylated fatty acid or an alkyl acrylate derivative.

Further additives to the foaming agent are known, e.g. retardants, accelerators, dyes, plasticizers, water glass, silica, alkali metal salts, etc. These can be added to the foaming agent in very minor quantities, and should be present in the optimum proportions.

A specialized mineral oil defoamer formulated with highly specific finely divided hydrophobic solids decreases the barrier to air bubble entry, increases the speed of defoaming and improves the effectiveness of the product. The defoamer droplets are able to puncture pseudoemulsion films more readily and quickly and thus, break up the air bubbles in the slurry.

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