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Foam Concrete Blocks - Lightweight Foam Concrete Products

2023-07-09 03:45:02  News

During the production of foam concrete blocks, no toxic substances are emitted, so they are environmentally friendly and second only to wood in terms of environmental friendliness. In addition, their favorable ratio of weight and volume makes them easy to transport and allow full use of the capacities of automobile and railway transportation.

They are used to build heat and sound insulating walls, roofs, floor screed, insulation panels for interfloor heating systems and production of prefabricated walls and partitions in building construction, as well as structural - heat and sound insulation concrete blocks, slabs and lintels. The density of the cellular concrete can vary from 400 to 600 kg/m3 to obtain heat-insulating blocks, and from 700 to 1100 kg/m3 to produce structural foam concrete products.

Foam concrete, also known as aircrete or aerated concrete, is a versatile cement based porous lightweight building material. Unlike traditional concrete blocks, foam concrete blocks replace stones with a stabilizing foaming agent, resulting in lighter construction materials that can be moved and handled more easily.

The production of foam concrete is carried out using a special equipment called a cellular concrete block machine. The cellular concrete machine uses an aluminum powder and water to create a chemical reaction that causes multiple air bubbles to form in the cement slurry. The bubbles fill a space in the concrete that would otherwise be filled by aggregates.

The resulting aerated concrete is then cut into blocks and autoclaved for added strength. This process makes it possible to save time on construction and reduce overall costs as the bricks are ready to use straight away. The aerated blocks are very durable and provide great thermal and sound insulation, making them ideal for use in residential buildings. MGN Builders Merchants stock a variety of different types of aerated concrete blocks, so speak to one of our experts today to find out more about which product is best for your project.

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