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CLC Brick Composition

2023-07-09 01:50:02  News

A clc brick composition is a construction material for wall building that contains cement, sand, and fly-ash blended with foaming agent. This construction material is light in weight due to the air cavities that it has. It is also durable and easy to handle. This brick is a good alternative for clay bricks and fly-ash bricks. The following article discusses a few of the many benefits of this construction material.

Unlike conventional burnt bricks, clc blocks are lighter in weight, which reduces construction costs. They are also highly fire resistant. Additionally, they provide excellent thermal insulation. Using clc bricks in building projects reduces energy expenses and cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions.

CLC bricks are made of cement, sand, and fly-ash slurry mixed with pre-formed foam. They are poured into assembled molds of bricks of required dimensions and allowed to set. They are cured with either water or steam to give the bricks strength and dimensional stability.

In a clc block manufacturing plant the raw materials are poured into a mixer and mixed with water and foaming agent. The slurry is then pumped into assembled moulds of bricks of the desired size and allowed to set for 18-24 hours.

The major tests carried out on clc bricks are bulk density, direct compressive strength, water absorption, and thermal conductivity. These tests are important for evaluating the engineering properties of the blocks. Moreover, the results of these tests help in making decisions regarding their use in construction.

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