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Foam Bricks Manufacturing Process

2023-04-01 04:10:04  News

foam bricks manufacturing process involves a series of steps. It begins with the blending of cement slurry with foam, followed by integrating the blend into a mold to form the block and finally carving the shape by using a machine.

CLC blocks are made of millions of micro-sized air bubbles that increase the workability and durability of concrete. They are also much lighter than conventional bricks and require lesser materials like sand and cement for bonding purposes.

They are also a eco-friendly alternative to traditional clay bricks that emit a lot of pollution during their production (major source of air pollution in developing countries). They are also more sound and thermal insulated.

The foam bricks manufacturing process is a relatively simple one and requires only a few tools to operate. It is also very cost-effective as the workforce is reduced to a minimum and the chances of error decrease. It also uses moist warm air, which makes the entire process faster and accurate.

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