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Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC)

2023-03-31 23:30:03  News

clc concrete is a cement-bonded material manufactured by mixing a slurry of cement with stable pre-formed foam. Fresh foam concrete looks like a milk-shake and the volume of the slurry in the foam dictates the cast density of the cellular lightweight concrete (CLC).

CLCC blocks are light in weight ranging from 300 to 1800 Kg/m3 which is 3 times lighter than clay or fly ash bricks. They are also highly durable, long-lasting and non-corrosive once installed.

Cellular lightweight concrete has numerous applications ranging from insulting fills to structural elements. However, its special properties depend on the density which influences many variables affecting properties such as strength, modulus of elasticity, thermal conductivity, porosity, weight etc.

The density of foam concrete can be controlled achieving the desired properties by adding a suitable amount of foaming agent to the slurry. This process is known as mechanical foaming and can be achieved using two principal methods.

Foaming agents used in foamed concrete can be a combination of epoxies, polyurethanes or silicones. The use of foaming agents can increase the compressive and tensile strengths while reducing water absorption. These agents can also be mixed with the fine aggregate to replace it and improve hydration reaction. They can also be mixed with different types of fibers to increase the strength and acoustic insulating properties.

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