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Effective way to improve the strength of foam concrete

2021-12-29 16:34:21  News

With the widespread application of foam concrete, the strength issue has also become an important issue restricting the development of foam concrete. 

We should improve the strength of foam concrete from the following aspects:

1. The variety of cement. Cement types with high early and late strength (such as dual-fast Portland cement) can appropriately reduce the proportion of cement, and cement varieties with low late strength or low early strength should increase the cement proportion;

2. Strength grade of cement. High-strength grade cement can reduce the proportioning amount, and low-strength grade cement should increase its proportioning amount;

3. The quality of cement. For the new type of dry-process rotary kiln cement, the proportion can be appropriately reduced, while the proportion of vertical kiln cement or cement with a large amount of mixed materials should be appropriately increased;

4. The density and strength requirements of the product. Low density or higher strength requirements should increase the cement ratio, high density or lower strength requirements can reduce the cement ratio;

5. The variety and activity of active micro-aggregates (admixtures). The use of high-activity micro-aggregates can reduce the proportion of cement (such as ultra-fine slag), while the use of low-activity micro-aggregates (such as secondary fly ash) can increase the proportion of cement;

6. Add appropriate admixtures, such as foam concrete enhancers.


Aiming at the strength of foam concrete, foam concrete enhancers, self-insulating block enhancers, foamed cement insulation board enhancers, lightweight partition board enhancers have been developed for the strength of foam concrete. The enhancers made by nano-modification technology have the following significant features:

1. It has good workability with industrial wastes such as cement, fly ash, slag, steel slag, stone powder, sand, etc., and can make cement products set early, shape early, demould early, exert strength early and put into use;

2. It can improve the plasticity of cement, speed up the turnaround time of equipment utilization and increase labor productivity, and significantly increase the 3d, 7d early strength and 28d late strength of cement products;

3. The addition amount is small, the performance is excellent, and the production cost is saved. The addition amount is 2-3kg per cubic meter;

4. It can improve the rheology of cement, improve the performance of cement, and can obviously improve the compressive and flexural properties of cement products;

5. The chemical performance is stable, the dosage is not sensitive, the thickening curve shape is good, and it can be used with other additives;

6. It has no adverse effects on other properties of cement slurry, and does not destroy the formation and development of cement strength;

7. It has a wide range of applications and can be applied to a variety of grades of cement.

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