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How can cement foaming machine achieve better foaming effect in construction

2021-12-02 10:09:55  News

Cement foaming machine needs auxiliary test machine in construction application to help achieve better foaming effect. Cement foaming agent is a kind of chemical admixture. Compensating for shrinkage and tensioning steel bar to generate prestress and fully fill the role of the cement gap.


According to the construction requirements and the quality requirements of foamed cement, we believe that the following requirements are put forward for the foaming agent: 

1. Foaming volume, the actual foaming volume is not only a physical indicator, but also a cost indicator. If the foaming volume is smaller, the lower price is acceptable.

2. Foam strength is a comprehensive index of the collapse degree, shrinkage degree and foam stabilization time of products made of foamed cement.

3. Foam pore size and uniformity: Foam pore size and uniformity are a reliable guarantee for the strength and insulation indexes of the finished product. Only products with ideal pore size can be considered a good product.

4. The purity of the foaming agent and the cleanliness of the foaming agent play a role in the application and protection of more and more sophisticated equipment. Large-scale continuous operation equipment should minimize the failure rate in its operation during operation, otherwise, It will seriously affect the quality of the project and the progress of the project. At the same time, too much impurities will affect the hydration reaction of the cement itself and cause quality degradation.

5. It is non-corrosive, requires foaming agent, has no corrosive pollution effect on the equipment environment, and has environmental protection performance.

6. Foam persistence: This indicator has been demanded too high in the past, and some pursue the longer the foam duration, the better. In fact, it is not necessary to pursue a long foam stabilization time. We believe that the foam emitted by the foaming agent is in Within the scope of application, the duration only needs to exceed the initial setting period of the long cement product, because the existence of foam is meaningless after the product enters the initial setting period. The ideal stabilization time exceeds 24 hours, which can meet various construction requirements. 

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