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Adding ZDDP to Your Engine Oil

2022-12-08 11:07:42  News

Adding ZDDP to your engine oil is an effective way to prevent wear and tear. The ZDDP additive creates a coating that prevents wear on piston rings, cams, valve stems, and other critical engine parts.

Adding ZDDP to your engine oil will reduce the amount of time between oil changes. The ZDDP additive is also an economical choice for protecting your engine.

ZDDP is a synthetic phosphorus compound. When mixed with motor oil, it forms a phosphate layer that forms a barrier against wear. This coating prevents wear on all engine parts.

ZDDP has a number of benefits, but a big one is that it prevents wear in flat tappet engines. These engines are prone to high metal-to-metal contact pressures. ZDDP protects the base metal and creates a wear surface that is replenishable.

In addition to preventing wear, ZDDP also improves corrosion inhibition. ZDDP is a lubricant additive, so it works in standard mineral-based oils. ZDDP has been used for more than 70 years.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has set performance requirements for lubricants. For gasoline engines, the API requires that oils have no more than 0.12% ZDDP. This limit has been shown to be safe for catalytic converters.

New motor oils contain less ZDDP than older oils. The API does not regulate ZDDP concentrations for grades 40 and higher. The ACEA has taken over in Europe, but it is backwards compatible with API specifications.

Increasing the amount of ZDDP in your engine oil will reduce the effectiveness of your catalytic converter. It will also affect the vehicle's exhaust emissions.

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