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Discussion on Automatic Construction Machinery and Related Problem Solving

2020-12-18 15:41:37  News

Facing the future energy crisis, the development of energy-saving insulation products is the responsibility and obligation of relevant government departments. Foam concrete is an energy-saving building material, and its quality level directly affects the overall quality and life of the building. Therefore, the construction quality of foam concrete must be standardized. The operability of construction machinery is also very important. Ideal construction machinery and a high-quality construction team will play a decisive role in the improvement of product quality. Therefore, further improve the current construction machinery on the market and improve its shortcomings. Adding its intelligent control part and refining the material mixing ratio metering system will greatly improve the operational level of construction machinery.

1. Design a screw conveyor with a metering device to replace the traditional belt conveyor. Because the belt conveyor is dusty when working, it is easy to slip, and there is no metering device, and the feeding error is large. Designing a screw conveyor with a metering device for feeding, especially for the addition of trace materials such as fly ash and silica fume.

2. Design a special gear pump with nylon gear core to solve the problem of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. As a metering device for foaming agent, the metering is more accurate and the service life is long. Or design a precise diaphragm pump and replace it with a breast pump.

3. Add a special graded flow control valve to the water-liquid mixing ratio system, which can accurately adjust the water-liquid mixing ratio, realize the adjustment of the water-liquid mixing ratio of various foaming agents, and improve and stabilize the foaming quality.

4. The sensor of the material control system, the solenoid valve of the hydraulic control system, the proximity switch, the temperature sensitive control and the overload control of the motor are all controlled by PLC, which is convenient for program control and time adjustment, which can greatly reduce the failure of the whole machine Rate, and gradually realize automatic control and intelligent control.

5. Design a flow controller to control the water supply volume of the mixer, which is uniformly controlled by the central control PLC, so that the water-cement ratio can be easily adjusted, and the absolute dry density of the product can be easily controlled.

6. In order to adapt to the characteristics of small urban construction space and tight construction period, construction machinery should be moved quickly. The author envisages the integration of construction machinery, all equipped with self-propelled mechanism, that is, the complete set of machinery is assembled on the vehicle to realize rapid transition. The material can be equipped with a screw conveying mechanism under the small tanker, which is convenient to connect with the mixer. In this way, rapid transition can be realized, dust pollution can be reduced, construction efficiency can be greatly improved, and civilized production and modern construction can be realized.


Through the analysis and research on the several quality problems existing in the above-mentioned foam concrete cast-in-place construction, the research shows that the foam concrete cast-in-place construction, the mixing ratio of various materials, site management, construction machinery performance, etc., all affect the product quality Factors must be paid enough attention. At the same time, it puts forward solutions and suggestions to solve the problem, aiming to participate in the promotion of the improvement of the construction quality of the foam concrete cast-in-place, and make a small contribution to the work.

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