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Concrete Superplasticizer - Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers

2023-07-01 16:30:02  News

We use chemical admixtures in concrete preparation along with aggregates and water to alter different properties of concrete like increase workability, reduce shrinkage and corrosion, entrain small air bubbles in concrete, accelerate or retard hardening process and many more. These admixtures are added in small quantities and can make construction more economical and easier to complete.

The most common concrete superplasticizers used today are polycarboxylate (PCE) based water reducing agents. PCE is an extremely versatile admixture and chemists continue to manipulate its polymer structure to impart specific capabilities to concrete mixtures.

In general, PCEs can be added to low w/c ratio concrete with relatively short mixing times and allow slump retention for long durations. This feature makes them ideal for ready-mix concrete applications where concrete quality, especially slump retention is critical.

Another benefit of PCEs is that they can be used with fly ash and other substitutes for cement. This is very useful in regions where environmental concerns and cost are a concern because they allow higher quantities of reclaimed materials to be used without sacrificing strength or workability. They also offer other performance advantages such as enhanced early strength, reduced permeability and good resistance to chloride ions and alkali.

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