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Cellular Lightweight Concrete Machine

2023-03-30 02:50:03  News

Cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) is a light-weight, insulating material which can be used in many applications. This technology has been developed to provide a low-cost method for building houses, apartments, schools, hospitals, etc.

The process begins with the introduction of foaming agents which emulsify in water and sand, generating a uniform, stable and high-density foam that can withstand the pressure of the cement paste or mortar mix until it gets set and strong enough to maintain the structure. Foaming agents can be protein based or synthetic, but the type chosen for production is a critical factor in the stability of the foam.

A range of density targets are achievable and can be tailored to specific requirements for strength and dry density. Higher dry densities are used for thermal insulation and filling in general, while lower densities are used for clc blocks or cast-in-situ walls.

This is a great material to use for precast lightweight wall panels, as it is a fast and cost-effective method of creating a load bearing structure without the need for reinforcement steel (rebar) or grout. It is also a very good choice for block-making as it can be cut into any size of block - from small 100x200mm blocks, to large 1.2m hollow-core interlocking blocks that are easy to build into non-load bearing walls.

A basic set up of foam concrete blocks can be established with minimal investment, including a wire cutting machine to efficiently cut cellular blocks into smaller sizes. This can be done on a small scale or on a larger scale with the help of an automated foam concrete block factory.

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