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Advantages of CLC Blocks

2023-05-05 18:50:03  News

Lightweight & Fire Resistant

Cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) or foam concrete is a cement-bonded material that is produced by combining cement, fly ash slurry and pre-formed foam. This material offers superior strength and durability, as well as a variety of environmentally friendly features.

CLC blocks are a popular choice in a variety of residential and commercial construction projects. They are a cost-effective alternative to conventional bricks, offering the same level of strength and durability with superior environmental benefits.


CLC is a good insulator, especially in the summers when it helps to maintain pleasant indoor temperatures. This reduces the need for air conditioning and electricity, which in turn, saves money on both ends.

Low Weight

CLC is also a great solution for building craning work as it is lightweight. This helps to minimize the overall project cost and reduces the need for steel.


The light weight of CLC blocks helps to reduce the need for energy to heat up the house during winter. This in turn, saves money on electricity costs, which can be redirected to other construction materials or to other costs.


The use of a small amount of industrial waste, such as fly ash, in the production of CLC makes it an environmentally friendly construction material. This is especially important since many brick kilns in the country produce toxic emissions that cause local and global health problems.

Various tests are conducted on the engineering properties of CLC blocks to verify their performance. This helps builders and contractors to select the best product for their needs.

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