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2023-01-10 05:40:03  News

CLC blocks are an eco-friendly and light weight material that reduces construction costs. They are ideal for building exterior walls and partition walls. They are also suitable for interior walls.

These blocks can be produced by using a modern high speed mixer or a foam generator. However, manufacturers need to comply with the requirements of the machinery manufacturer. Moreover, they must not save on cement or additives.

CLC blocks are produced by blending cement and fly ash slurry with pre-formed foam. The slurry is pumped into a series of moulds. This allows the foam to set for about 18 to 24 hours. Afterwards, it is cut into blocks.

The block is fire resistant, making it a good choice for house construction. It also offers great thermal insulation in the summers. Because the foam is water proof, the risk of cracks is reduced. Since it is lighter, CLC blocks require less rebar and plaster.

Another advantage of CLC blocks is that they are self-compacting. This means that there is no need to add sand and other materials to bond them together. In addition, these blocks are easy to install.

The block also provides sound insulation. It has a density range of 300 to 1800 kg/m3. Although they are slightly more expensive than bricks, they are worth the cost.

When choosing a lightweight block, choose the one that fits your budget and your requirements. For instance, you can opt for AAC blocks if you want to build a tall building.

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