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Teach you simple physical foaming agent detection

2020-12-18 16:00:00  News

First, take an empty bottle without a thin waist in the middle and about the same thickness as the top and bottom. Use a syringe needle to extract 30ml of pure water and inject it into the bottle.

Take another 1mm needle (0.05ml graduation), extract 1mm of the physical foaming agent to be measured, inject it into 30ml of water (diluted about 30 times), and shake the bottle dozens of times to fill the bottle with a lot of foam. After standing for 2 minutes, measure the height with a ruler, and record it. The height is the foaming height, which can measure the foaming ability.

After 1h, the foam height is measured again, and compared with the previous height, the difference between the two heights is the foam settling distance. The bleeding height at the bottom of the bottle is measured once, as the bleeding value, and it can also be used as a reference value for foam stability. The larger the foam drop value and bleeding value, the worse the quality. To accuracy, the test should be repeated 3 to 5 times, at least three times, and an average of 3 times is taken.

The foam prepared above is tested for cement adaptability. Many foams produced by foaming agents are very stable when used alone. Once in the cement slurry, the defoaming is very fast and may not adapt to the cement. Or adjust to this cement and not to another glue. Therefore, a cement suitability test must be performed.

Take a small pot, weigh 500g of cement, add 275g of water (55%), stir the cement slurry by hand, stir for 3min, and measure the volume of the mud. Another person used the above method to shake the bottle at the same time. After the cement slurry is prepared, squeeze the foam from the bottle into a 100ml container and scrape it flat, which is equivalent to taking 100ml of foam. Add 100ml of foam to the cement slurry, stir for 3 minutes, mix well, pour grease into a disposable water cup, shake it a few times to level the slurry surface. Record the height of the slurry in the bowl and calculate the volume of the mud. This volume minus the previous pulp volume is the increased volume of foam. The larger the value, the better the foam and cement adaptability.

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