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Construction Guidance of Foamed Cement in Floor Heating Protection Layer

2020-12-18 16:56:25  News

Floor heating is very comfortable heating way, occupy the home to have the owner of this respect requirement more and more now, there is an important construction in installing floor heating namely foaming cement, the use of foaming cement solved the problem of hollow of the ground, serious crack. Foamed cement is basically all cement material, which is easy to be tightly combined with the upper filling layer, reducing the possibility of cracking.

Moreover, compared with benzene plate, foamed cement reduces the process of leveling layer and reduces the cost. But floor heating installation has certain requirement to foaming cement, the stand or fall of foaming cement can affect the heating effect of floor heating, we will discuss together now, what requirement does foaming cement construction have.
1, the floor basic level clean, can not have a thick surface soil, and the door, window sill, and each room does not need to play with sand (or just swept out of the surface soil) to block, because foam construction foam is a fluid. Domestic equipment for foaming seems to be stacked, not self-leveling, need to use a rake leveling.
2, cement foaming construction began, after foaming cement equipment produced foaming cement pump to the construction surface, and then according to the site 50 line thickness, and then the use of foam surface bubble scraping, make the surface smooth after foaming cement strength.
3, foaming cement generally in two days or so on the hardness, and then began to coil construction, the auxiliary material is steel wire nail.

4. Set expansion joints according to the specifications, generally using benzene lath, 2.5*3.0.

5. Pressure test will be carried out after hanging the water divider on the coil tube and reaching 0.6mpa. These specifications will not be repeated.

6, play mortar or fine stone concrete cushion, then must pay attention to the pipe is not damaged.

7, foaming cement is congealed into cement foaming agent after the formation of the low thermal conductivity, light weight, sound insulation performance is good material, especially suitable for warm water pipeline heat insulation layer of floor heating engineering, has good heat insulation and impact resistance performance and the structure with the ground layer integral sex is good, and the advantages of good stability, overcome the past existed in foam insulation materials such as benzene board of faults.

8. The thermal insulation of foamed cement is 20-30 times higher than that of general concrete products, and the effect of inhibiting condensation is significant, with a density of 250-1600kg/m3; , lighter than the general weight of concrete 1/4 to 1/5, can effectively reduce the load of the building construction, but when the foam cement in the construction can be easily adjusted, good construction performance.

In recent years, the application of foamed cement is more and more, the application is more and more standardized. From prefabricated buildings to the backfilling of toilet caisson to the roof insulation and floor heating protection. Foamed concrete has more and more outstanding application performance advantages in these aspects.

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