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Study on The Application Advantage of Lightweight Wall Panel

2020-12-18 15:37:32  News

At present, a lightweight wall panel has been tried and applied in many high-rise construction projects because the thin wall panel is a new type of wall material. The lightweight wall panel material is flexible and lightweight, which can increase the usable area of the building, save the amount of reinforcement, effectively reduce the area of beam and column, is convenient for installation and has excellent seismic resistance, which will make it shines in the construction industry and have an extensive development prospect.

The application status of lightweight wall panel material

At present, the wall materials used in the construction project can be divided into two kinds. One is the heavy wall material, which is mainly used in the mixed structure and bears the function of load-bearing.The other is the heavy wall material, which is mainly used in the frame structure; it has the capacity of partition, sound insulation, and enclosure. In the past, wall materials were all heavy wall materials. Still, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, the number of frame structures is increasing, which makes lightweight concrete panels emerge at the historical moment and widely used in foreign developed countries.

Application advantages of lightweight concrete panels

Although the application status of lightweight concrete panels in China is not ideal, it is undeniable that lightweight concrete panels have a variety of application advantages and will become a dominant non-load-bearing wall material in the future. These application advantages also determine that lightweight concrete panels will have excellent development potential.

The main application advantages of lightweight concrete panels include the following aspects:

1. The lightweight wall panel is relatively light. For an 8cm thick lightweight wall panel, its weight per square meter is less than 60kg.

2. The cost of a lightweight wall panel is much lower than that of other materials. The cost of each lightweight wall panel is about 40 yuan.

3. Lightweight concrete panels are produced from a wide range of raw materials. Cement is used as a cementation material.

Lightweight concrete panels have excellent anti-seismic performance, relatively lightweight, and low elastic modulus. When subjected to earthquake load, their natural vibration cycle is longer, and they can quickly absorb the shock wave generated by the earthquake force, thus achieving a good damping effect.

5. Lightweight concrete panels have solid insulation and soundproof wall panels. For lightweight concrete panels with 8cm thickness, the sound insulation value can reach above 38dB, thus effectively meeting the user's requirements for sound insulation. Besides, the thermal conductivity is only 0.25, while for brick walls, the thermal conductivity is 1.4.

6. Lightweight concrete panels have excellent waterproof and corrosion resistance and can level the walls. Only a small amount of paint is needed to achieve an attractive decorative effect on the walls.

7. Lightweight concrete panels can increase the usable area of buildings. Compared with other barriers, the wall has the same effect of sound insulation and heat insulation.

8. Lightweight concrete panels are convenient to install and can effectively reduce the cost of buildings. Compared with brick walls, they can improve the installation efficiency by four to five times.

To sum up, the lightweight wall panel is applied to the construction project, can satisfy the functional requirement of the building is a vast, and to promote the development of the industrialization of the building and make the comprehensive cost of the building has been effectively reduced, but also combines application advantages such as saving energy, saving soil, environmental protection, which form the construction process of economic and social benefits obtained the maximum limit. Therefore, relevant departments must speed up the compilation of the standard atlas of lightweight wall panel installation, and standardize and formulate corresponding supporting technologies, to better popularize lightweight wall panel.

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