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Application and Prospect of Foam Concrete Cast-in-place Wall

2020-12-18 15:38:52  News

At present, the external thermal insulation material of the external wall is mainly organic thermal insulation material based on polystyrene foam board and polyurethane foam, which has the characteristics of inflammability, flashover, fierce fire and smoke toxicity.Tobacco poisoning is an important cause of death.From the current development trend, foam concrete can be used as a substitute for foam plastics.

Building thermal insulation is the main application field of foam concrete, currently used for building thermal insulation of foam concrete accounts for about 80% of its total production.But meets the technical request in situ construction and the high performance foam concrete product is very few.However, the good thermal insulation performance of foamed concrete and the policy of building energy conservation pull it, prompting it to start large-scale application in the field of building thermal insulation.Now the focus is shifting to the wall.With the continuous development of foam concrete roof and ground, the foam concrete on the wall will get faster development.

The main part of building thermal insulation is the external wall, the main part of building sound insulation is the internal wall.Foamed concrete can realize self-insulation when it is used in external wall cast-in-place, and can realize sound insulation and sound absorption when it is used in internal wall cast-in-place. It has advantages in the application of internal wall and external wall.Foam concrete for cast-in-situ wall is a major technical breakthrough, fundamentally solve the building insulation, sound insulation, lightweight, environmental protection, safety and industrial production, is an important direction of building energy conservation.

In recent years, many foam concrete enterprises have begun to develop cast-in-place self-insulated external walls, load-bearing or non-load-bearing sound insulation internal walls, etc., and has formed a development boom, a large number of application technology is in the intense research and development.According to this trend, the foam concrete cast-in-place wall will be popularized in the next few years.Because the wall reflects the amount of pouring is much larger than the roof and the ground, if this technology can be popularized, the cast-in-place wall will become the first application field of foam concrete.

Many high quality properties and qualities of foamed concrete have been gradually highlighted in the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection. With the steady progress of this cause, the market prospect of foamed concrete industry is broad, and the development of its products and the market of foamed concrete cast-in-place wall will be larger and larger.

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