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Protein Foaming Agent Formula

2023-03-22 07:40:03  News

protein foaming agent formula consists of protein-based foaming agents and surfactants. These ingredients are used to produce concrete foams.

The performance of a concrete foaming agent is determined by its ability to produce stable foam. The stability of the foam depends on the size of the air bubbles that are formed, their density and the time they remain in contact with the cement particles. The surface tension and the viscosity of a foaming agent solution are also important indicators.

Foaming agent formula based on proteins is stable and has excellent foamability for long periods of time. It is particularly recommended for production processes that require long-term foam stability.

Moreover, protein-based foaming agent is an environmentally friendly material that has good biodegradability and no harmful environmental impact. It can be widely applied to a variety of industrial applications, such as fire fighting, oil recovery and water treatment.

Protein-based foaming agent is a polymer that can form a stable foam when diluted with water. It has low surface tension and a high foaming capacity, which is ideal for use in fire fighting, water treatment and oil recovery applications.

The effectiveness of protein-based foaming agent can be improved by treating the protein hydrolysates with urea and dithiothreitol (DTT). Urea and DTT tend to accelerate the unfolding of globular proteins at interfaces by disrupting most of the noncovalent bonds and reducing disulfide bonds, respectively.

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