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Is Foam Stronger Than Concrete?

2023-07-09 17:05:02  News

We all have that one project around the house that we keep putting off. It could be a simple fix like adding a fence post to the yard or a much larger task, such as leveling an uneven concrete slab. Sunken or unlevel concrete can be a huge problem for homeowners, creating trip hazards and causing drainage problems. While some homeowners may try to solve this issue by pouring new concrete, this is a temporary solution and can cause the old slab to sink faster. Foam All offers professional concrete lifting services that can help stabilize and support existing concrete for a longer period of time.

Is foam stronger than concrete?

While the answer to this question is dependent on the situation, many people have found that expanding foam is more effective than concrete when it comes to setting fence posts. This is because a concrete mix can often be inconsistent throughout its depth, leaving voids beneath the surface. However, when a bag of post-setting foam is used it expands to completely fill the hole and goes the extra mile in securing the fence post.

However, it is important to note that despite being very effective at its job, expanding foam is not designed for load-bearing situations. It can be hammered into with a claw hammer, but it will not hold up like concrete would in these situations. This is why it is recommended to use a structural grade of concrete in load-bearing applications.

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