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Introduction of high-pressure air foam generator and foaming process

2021-05-13 10:08:38  News

What is cement foaming machine?

Cement foaming machine is actually an air-entraining machine. Its essence is to introduce air into the foaming agent aqueous solution. Its technical core is the best way to introduce air into the aqueous solution. The foaming machine itself cannot produce foam out of thin air. It introduces air into the foaming agent aqueous solution to evenly disperse it to achieve the largest possible contact interface between liquid and gas, so that the surface active substances in the foaming agent are in the liquid film. An electric double layer is formed on the surface and surrounds the air, forming individual bubbles.

Therefore, the foaming machine is also equivalent to the foaming machine. It is equivalent to mixing the foaming agent aqueous solution with air to form bubbles.

The main body of foamed concrete is foam, so the foaming machine for foaming has become the key equipment and host for the production of foamed concrete. Without it, there would be no foam concrete.


Features of high-pressure foam generator and foaming process

This foaming machine is the third generation foaming machine after low-speed and high-speed impeller (sheet) foaming, and it is also the mainstream foaming machine at home and abroad. With the development of high-quality foam concrete, the application proportion of this type of foaming machine will increase.

This type of foaming machine adopts pressure to introduce air into the foaming solution, so it foams quickly, the foaming factor of the foaming agent is large, the foam is small and uniform, and it has higher foam quality and lower foaming cost.

The air pressure of the high-pressure air foaming machine comes from an air compressor, and its pressure value is generally 0.4 to 1.0 MPa. The displacement is 0.22.0m/min. Different pressure and exhaust volume have different foam output and quality.

Because this type of machine adopts a high-pressure air compressor, its foaming speed and quality are better than that of a medium and low pressure blast foaming machine, and it is a relatively advanced pressure foaming machine. The application of this high-pressure foaming machine is the most common.

The high-pressure air foaming machine is composed of the following parts:

(1) Air source. Air compressor is generally used;

(2) Bubble making device. Through this device, the foaming agent is made into foam under the action of air;

(3)Liquid-gas mixing device. This device has a major impact on foam quality;

(4) Foam control device. There are two kinds of automatic control and manual control;

(5)Foam metering device. There are two types of automatic metering and manual metering. Some models do not have a foam metering device;

(6)Foaming agent storage and conveying device. There are two kinds of continuous conveying and intermittent conveying.

Some foaming machines, mixers (pulp making and mixing), conveying pumps (conveying foam cement slurry), foam cement slurry placing booms and other four unit equipment are all integrated to form a combined multifunctional foaming unit. The machine is only part of it. This kind of foaming unit is also called "foaming machine", but it is a kind of foaming machine in a broad sense, which is very different from ordinary foaming machines. It is actually an integrated machine for foaming, cement slurry mixing, foamed cement slurry conveying and cloth. The advantages of this combined multifunctional unit are complete and compact configuration, small footprint, complete functions and convenient use.

Most of the foaming machines sold on the market are separated from the mixer and pump truck, and are not combined together, and can be configured according to needs.

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