Construction methods and precautions of foam concrete roof insulation
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Construction methods and precautions of foam concrete roof insulation

2021-05-18 16:26:54  News

1. Construction preparation

Cement: Ordinary Portland cement above No. 325 should be used, or Portland slag cement can also be used. When there is an aggressive medium, it should be selected according to the design requirements.

Sand: Use medium sand, which must not contain debris. The mud content must not exceed 3%, and it must be passed through a 3-5mm sieve before use.

Main equipment: foaming machine, mortar mixer, iron trowel, broom, wooden trowel, scraper, etc.

2. Layer treatment: clean up and sweep the debris, and moisten it with water.

3. Preparation and use of foam

The foam used in foam concrete should be prepared with a special cement foaming machine. The diameter of the foam should be controlled between 0.5-2mm, and it should be elastic and not easily broken. The concrete foam should be prepared and used, and the retention time should not be longer than 20 minutes.

4. The leveling layer and the insulation layer should be constructed at the same time.

The slope of the insulation layer should meet the design requirements. The junction between the base layer and the protruding roof structure (parapet, gable, skylight wall, deformation joint, chimney, etc.) and the corner of the base layer, the insulation layer All should be made into a circular arc; the leveling layer should be made into a slightly lower pit around the water drop of the internal drainage.

5. When the total thickness exceeds 10cm, it should be constructed in layers.

6. Use structure to find slope for flat roof, and the slope should not be less than 3%; use material to find slope, and the slope should be 2%; for gutter and eaves to find slope longitudinally, the slope should not be less than 1%, and the water drop at the bottom of the ditch should not exceed 150mm .

Precautions for foam concrete roof insulation construction:

1. When the density is lower than 300kg/m3, the accelerator should be used during construction. The amount of accelerator is generally 2%-8% of the cement amount. The amount of accelerator should increase or decrease according to the type of accelerator, construction temperature and engineering requirements. The specific increase or decrease should be determined by experiment.

2. The temperature at the construction site should not be lower than 5℃.

3. After construction, it should be moisturized and maintained.


Features of foam concrete roof insulation:

1. Thermal insulation: the thermal conductivity is 0.080-0.16W/(m·k), and the thermal resistance is about 20-30 times that of ordinary concrete.

2. Lightweight: The dry bulk density is 300-700kg/m3, which is 1/5-1/8 of the density of ordinary concrete, which can reduce the overall load of the building.

3. Integrity: on-site pouring construction is closely integrated with the main project, without boundary gaps and vent pipes.

4. Sound insulation: Foam concrete contains a large number of independent bubbles, and they are evenly distributed. The sound absorption capacity is 0.09-0.19%, which is 5 times that of ordinary concrete, and it has an effective sound insulation function.

5. Compressive resistance: The compressive strength is 0.3-2.2Mpa.

6. Water resistance: relatively independent closed bubbles and good integrity, so that it has a certain waterproof performance.

7. Anti-crack: low shrinkage rate, crack resistance is 8 times that of ordinary concrete.

8. Durability: the same as the life of the main project.

9. Simple construction: no need to find a slope for the flat roof.

10. Economy: 20-50% lower than the comprehensive cost of other roof insulation materials. is the leading foam concrete additives provider providing concrete foaming agent, superplasticizer,foam concrete strength enhancer for lightweight concrete, CLC blocks. If you are looking for foaming agent, please feel free to contact us.

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