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Foam Generator For CLC Blocks

2023-01-06 18:50:04  News

Foam generator for clc blocks is a kind of equipment that is used to produce foam concrete. The foam produced is fine and stable in quality. This type of equipment can be used for making foam concrete with different density. It is a portable machine that is designed for small and medium projects.

Foam concrete is made by mixing water with cement. The amount of air bubbles generated depends on the density of the mixture and the pressure of the pipeline. They can range from 10 to 200 microns.

These blocks are light, fire resistant and environmentally friendly. They save money and time by reducing the need for labour and sand. They are ideal for building partition walls and outdoor walls. In addition, they also keep your house warm in the winter.

CLC blocks are used to improve thermal insulation values. They are durable and offer 4 hours of fire endurance. They also save water and reduce long-term costs.

For making the blocks, the raw materials need to be selected carefully. It should be at least 800 Kg/m3 in density. Adding air pores to the mixture can reduce the density.

The CLC blocks can be shaped into smooth or rough blocks. They can be equipped with holes for steel bars. Depending on the application, they can be used for insulating a tunnel, filling a mine, or as a wall.

Foam concrete blocks are lightweight, and they are more durable than brickwork. They also save energy and sand.

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