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2023-04-30 12:20:03  News

foam generator clc is the equipment used to make foam concrete. It is very popular for producing lightweight concrete and has a wide variety of applications. It can be used for the construction of walls, floors and roofs, as well as filling voids in buildings.

The foam generator consists of an air compressor and a set of foaming systems, including a lance unit. The foam is created by a combination of the foaming agent and water, forced through a plastic mesh using compressed air.

It is easy to use and can be adjusted to produce a wide range of foam densities, depending on the desired density of the foam concrete. For example, if you want to make foam concrete blocks of high density, you should add less foaming agent than for low density foam concrete blocks.

There are two types of foam generators: the dry method and the wet method. Both types produce excellent quality foam, which is stable and uniform in nature.

The dry method is also known as a Venturi type foaming machine, because it creates foam by forcing a mixture of foaming agent and water through a plastic mesh with compressed air. This produces a high-quality foam that is more resistant to water and has a lower moisture content.

The wet method is more common for the construction industry, because it creates a stiffer foam with a higher volume that is easier to handle. This is also more expensive to manufacture, since it requires a large amount of air compressors and an extensive network of foaming agents and nozzles.

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