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Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Powder

2023-04-29 15:40:03  News

polycarboxylate superplasticizer powder is the newest innovation in the construction and building industry. It is a powerful type of high range water reducer, which lessens the water to cement ratio in concrete, without compromising the strength and functionality of the mix.

It can be added to concrete mix designs for a variety of applications, including countertop mixes. It also helps prevent segregation in aggregate-based mixes.

The best way to determine whether a superplasticizer or viscosity modifier is needed is to add small amounts and mix the concrete for two or five minutes to assess consistency. You can then decide what additional admixtures to use.

ELITE manufactures and supplies a broad range of concrete admixtures, which are used for pumping, ready mixed, etc. They are widely used in a wide variety of projects and have excellent performance.

A new method for preparing a powder polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer is proposed. This process is characterized by carrying out water solution polymerization at 20-80 DEG C with a chain-transfer agent. Then, the liquid product is sprayed with a centrifugal spray drier to obtain powder PCE.

This method can be easily performed at a low cost, and the hydration of powdered PCE is also lower than that of liquid PCE, which can effectively avoid the heat release problems caused by a high temperature of liquid PCE. In addition, the powdered PCE can be prepared directly without solvent, which will save energy and manpower in separating solvent from the solid PCE.

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