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Chemical Composition of a Concrete Foaming Agent

2022-12-09 09:20:03  News

Various materials are used for producing concrete foaming agent. These include alkaline materials, solvents and amphoteric surfactants. Depending on the type of foaming agent and the density of the mix, the physical properties of the foam can vary.

Protein based foams have been studied to achieve higher compressive strength. However, these foams are expensive. They are also prone to leakage.

Synthetic foaming agents are cheaper and easier to handle. They are also available in longer storage periods. They can be incorporated into any mortar mix to create a stiff white foam. They are also thermal insulating. They can be diluted with water to form a foaming solution.

Other additives can inhibit the cathode. Some of these are lithium based compounds. These are used in foaming concrete to reduce the permeability of the mix and to reduce the corrosion rate.

In order to achieve stable foam, it is important to pressurize the foaming agent at a stable pressure. It is also necessary to have a suitable formulation for the mixture. A high quality foaming agent will have a foam weight of two grams per liter. It is important to consider the ratio of water to cement for the production of high-quality foamed concrete.

The optimum density for the foamed concrete was found to be 1822 kg/m3. The water-cement ratio of the mixture was designed to be the optimum. It was found that a ratio of 1:2 was the most appropriate. This is due to the fact that it produced the highest compressive strength.

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