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Foam Concrete Blocks

2022-12-09 09:53:24  News

Compared to conventional concrete blocks, foam concrete is cheaper, lighter, and easier to transport. It is also more durable, saves water, sand, and energy. It can be used to build houses, baths, garages, and partitions. It is a great material for low-rise buildings.

The process of making foam concrete is simple. It involves filling up forms with a cement-sand mixture. This mixture must be sourced from a reputable manufacturer.

The density of foam concrete ranges from 700 to 850 kgm-3. The compressive strength can reach 3.8 MPa. The material can be finished like regular masonry blocks.

Foam concrete can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes. This type of concrete is a great insulator. It is also easy to cut. However, the foam blocks have a lower durability than aerated concrete.

The thickness of the seam between the foam concrete blocks should be about 3mm. The blocks should be stored indoors or in a covered space. This can prevent problems with underexposure.

The thermal insulation properties of foam concrete are affected if the seam is too thick. The material is not suitable for load-bearing walls.

The blocks may also chip or crack when the soil moves around. The glue layer that is used in the construction should be thinner than the ordinary cement mortar. This can also affect the sound insulation of the foam blocks.

If the moisture content of the foam concrete increases, the blocks can begin to shrink. This can occur if the water production is delayed for 28 days or if the water gets on the block.

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