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Foam Concrete Blocks

2023-03-03 12:40:05  News

Foam Concrete is a versatile cement based and porous lightweight building material, ideal for a wide range of applications around the home.

It is a highly durable, lightweight building material that has excellent sound insulation properties and can be used for structural applications as well as thermal insulation. It is also a very quick and easy to use material, making it perfect for your next building project!

Compared to conventional bricks, a single foam concrete block can replace clutch 13 - 15 conventional bricks, making it more convenient for construction. Besides, the mass of a foam concrete block is less than that of a traditional block of the same size, which helps to reduce static loads and thus save on building costs.

The density of foam concrete is important to its strength and durability, since it is the key factor that determines its compressive and flexural strengths. Density depends on many factors, including the type of foaming agent, the ratio of water-binder to sand, and the water glass content.

A high-density foam concrete can be prepared from a mixture of Portland cement, sand and special foaming agents (hydrophobic foaming agents). It can be used for different types of application, depending on the needs.

The preparation process of geopolymer-based foamed concrete blocks is very complex, which can be influenced by a number of factors such as the water-binder ratio, water glass content and water glass modulus. To solve the problem, a set of optimum mixture proportions was designed based on target density, water-binder ratio and sand-cement ratio in light of different experimental results.

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