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Cellular Concrete Solutions

2022-12-09 16:18:31  News

Among the various types of construction materials available, Cellular Concrete Solutions is one of the leading companies in the business. Founded in 2008, the company has been able to build a reputation in the concrete industry by offering innovative solutions to different types of problems.

Cellular concrete is a type of lightweight insulating concrete. It can be used for many applications. The material is ideal for industrial, agricultural, and administrative buildings. Its ability to flow easily makes it a great choice for void filling.

It is also considered a non-permeable building material because it does not allow heat to enter the structure. The material is also very durable. It is recommended for construction projects in areas that experience extreme climates. It is suitable for void filling, sinkholes, and even for bridge approaches.

Aside from being a very effective material for void filling, cellular concrete can be used for floor slabs, floor decks, and precast stairs. It is also used as a backfill for abandoned underground pipelines and tanks. It is also a great acoustic insulator.

The density of cellular concrete can range from 20lbs/cuft to 90lbs/cuft. Its compressive strength can reach 3000 psi. Its ability to flow easily reduces the need for compaction, which in turn reduces the risk of post-construction settling. Its high shear colloidal mixing and use of synthetic foaming agents can help reduce lift heights.

Unlike standard concrete, cellular concrete is a non-permeable material that can be pumped over worn floors, irregular surfaces, and over concrete that has been disturbed. It is also perfect for construction sites with high winds.

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