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Cellular Lightweight Concrete

2022-12-09 16:29:51  News

Compared to normal concrete, Cellular Lightweight Concrete is light weight, porous and a good thermal insulator. It is also fire resistant. This type of concrete is made of sand, water, cement and foam.

There are various applications of LCC. It is widely used in the construction industry, for example, for walls, road bases and retaining wall backfills. It can also be used for energy arresting systems.

Moreover, LCC is highly stable and long-term. It is termite proof and is perfect for thermal insulation. A low-density version is also available. Besides, it uses industrial waste and thus, saves on construction costs.

The properties of LCC depend on the quality of the raw materials and the use of the foaming agent. It varies in compressive strength, resilient modulus, permeability and California Bearing Ratio.

It is also used to build heat-insulated light wall panel and for storage tanks. It is a good choice for flat roofs, non-loading walls and wells. It is also resistant to freezing problems.

CLC is manufactured using a variety of materials such as sand, water and Portland cement. It can be mixed with different kinds of fibers. It can be molded easily. Despite its many advantages, there are also several flaws when it is not properly designed.

It can be produced using conventional concrete machines. It is a very economical material. But it should be carefully inspected to avoid small variations that can cause large differences in the final product.

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