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Cellular Concrete Blocks

2023-07-05 19:30:03  News

cellular concrete blocks, also called foam concrete or aerated concrete are building materials that offer insulation and resistance. They have a very high efficiency and are light, which helps to reduce energy consumption. This material is sustainable and has a high level of permeability which allows water to diffuse avoiding moisture formation and mildew.

Cell concrete is a variant of classic concrete, which combines cement and flyash slurry with pre-formed foam. Its porous structure consists of enclosed cells of air that give it superior thermal and acoustic insulation. This results in a much lighter and more energy efficient construction than traditional clay bricks or flyash bricks.

In addition, cellular concrete blocks are fire resistant and have great ventilation properties. These features help to reduce air conditioning energy usage in houses and increase comfort levels for inhabitants. Furthermore, the breathable structure of these blocks makes them perfect for external cladding and masonry walls in seismic areas, as well as for internal walls in non-earthquake zones.

Another key benefit of cellular concrete is that it can be cut or altered on site without the need for specialist machinery or labour. This allows for quick and efficient masonry work, which in turn saves time and money. It is also very easy to use and is more versatile than other construction materials such as concrete, which requires additional reinforcement and a higher degree of skill.

Moreover, the light weight of cellular concrete reduces the overall dead load of a building. This can be a significant savings for house owners who can then save on the cost of major construction materials such as steel and cement. This advantage is increased further when Coisoimper machines are used to produce the cellular concrete, as they can fully customize the block production process based on space, costs, quantity, size and density.

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