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Benefits of LC Blocks

2023-07-09 09:35:03  News

As the construction industry is moving towards innovations and advancements, various kinds of bricks/blocks have been introduced for the strong and eco-friendly building. Among these, the clc blocks are getting high appreciation and appreciation due to its quality and cost-effectiveness. These are also known as cellular lightweight concrete bricks and are made up of fly ash/cement, sand, and foaming agents.

These are 2-3 times lighter than clay or fly ash bricks, making them easy to handle and manage during construction. They can help reduce the craning work, and also reduce construction costs as they are lighter and require less material for bonding between them. They have excellent fire resistance and can hold up for hours in fire. These also have good sound insulation as they have air gaps, which make them a very effective block for houses.

Another benefit of clc blocks is that they save energy by insulating the house in cold weather and warm weather as it decreases the energy consumption for heating and cooling of the house. They are termite proof, freeze-proof, and have low water absorption as compared to other materials.

These clc blocks are environmentally friendly as they are made up of industrial waste material and fly ash, which protects the environment by reducing deforestation and avoiding the pollution of land. Moreover, their production process does not release harmful effluents to air or water. This makes it a perfect solution for green constructions. Additionally, these are cheaper than bricks and require less cement and water for masonry as well.

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