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Advantages of Foam Concrete Roof

2023-05-05 09:50:02  News

foam concrete roof is a type of insulated roof with the same characteristics as normal concrete but containing bubbles of air inside. It has many advantages such as lightweight, easy installation and good insulating properties.

Density - Dry density of foamed concrete ranges from 400 to 1800 kg/m3 but it depends on how much foam is used in the mix design.

Compressive Strength - Foamed concrete has higher compression strength as compared to normal concrete and it can be used for structural purposes.

Thermal insulation - The insulation properties of foamed concrete are improved over normal concrete as it has lower thermal conductivity.

Lightweight - The weight of the finished foam concrete slab is low and it can be produced at a lower cost than conventional insulated concretes.

Slope negotiation - The slope of the foam concrete can be controlled easily by changing the water content and mixing ratio.

Sound Insulation - The soundproofing and anti-noise effects of foam concrete are enhanced by the use of different types of foam.

Bearing Capacity - The compression capacity of foam concrete can be increased by adding a pre-formed or pre-cast component.

Energy Efficiency - Cool roof roofing technology system combines a solar powered fan, moving air cavity (MAC) and lightweight foam concrete roofing to reduce the attic temperature in industrial buildings.

Wind Resistance - Foam concrete can be installed in the form of a single layer over existing roofs or as a two-layer composite system with EPS insulation boards for high wind resistance.

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