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What kind of foam agent for lightweight concrete is suitable for partition board

2021-02-04 10:26:32  News

At present, wall materials in some developed countries are developing in the direction of lightweight, large-scale, energy-saving, and waste-oriented. The total production of new wall materials has reached 90%. The light composite wallboard in the United States accounts for 41.9% of the wall materials. Japan accounts for 64%, Poland accounts for 46.6%, and my country does not exceed 10%.

At present, there are still some areas that still use millennia-old solid clay bricks as wall materials. The production of solid clay bricks will destroy a lot of land resources and consume a lot of energy. In recent years, driven by the national wall reform policy, new wall materials have gradually emerged. With the development of my country's economic construction and the increasing number of urban high-rise buildings, the demand for lightweight wall panels will also increase. Among them, foamed cement lightweight partition wall panels are the most widely used.


Foamed cement lightweight partition wall, a new type of wall made of ordinary silica cement, wallboard special polymer cement foaming agent, fly ash, fiber, water, etc., has light weight, high strength, and heat preservation , Heat insulation, sound insulation, easy installation, fast construction speed, good workability, etc., so it is widely used in high-rise building sub-rooms, households and other non-load-bearing parts, and it is also very suitable for various fast-installed houses and separated layers of old houses. The use of this new type of wall panel can not only increase the actual use area of the building, but also reduce the comprehensive construction cost of the building.

The special polymer foam agent for lightweight concrete for wallboard is a new type of foaming agent developed by Tongrun Company on the basis of the original cement foaming agent performance, adjusting the process formula and repeated trials. Not only the foaming power is strong, but the quality of the foam concrete is guaranteed. It can be widely used in floor heating insulation layer,self-insulating block, light partition wall board, fire door core board, flue, etc.

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