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2022-12-08 12:40:02  News

Generally, a foam generator is used to produce a foaming agent for concrete. The foaming agent is a mixture of portland cement, organic foaming agents, and water. The machine is mainly used for the production of foam for light-weight concrete.

The FoamMaster is the most advanced CLC foam generator. It consists of imported components from Germany and the United Kingdom. The machine can be used with all the foaming agents available in the market.

Nano Foam Technology is a leading construction machinery company in India. It has a presence all over the country and caters to a large consumer base. The company has been in the business for seven years. It has an excellent product line and an affordable price. It has a pan-India presence and has been a Trade India verified seller.

The Antifire UVPN deluge sprinkler protects railcar racks, warehouses, hangars, and berthing complexes. It is manufactured according to the design requirements. It has a unique oscillating device and is used for fire protection in various applications.

The Turbopen universal foam generator is effective in automatic fire extinguishing installations at industrial facilities. It is produced in a variety of models and modifications. The difference between the models is in the functionality and range.

The Favorit GVPE is a modern foam generator that is considered as high temperature resistant. It is also known as a cubical foam generator. It is designed to be used for vertical and cubical fire extinguishing.

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