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Foam Generator Machine

2023-05-02 00:30:03  News

The foam generator machine is the equipment used to produce a foaming agent solution. Foaming agents can be used to treat many different applications such as drain cleaning, septic systems and mold and mildew.

The basic function of the foam generator is to introduce air into the foaming agent solution and then the gas is able to form bubbles in the liquid. There are several different types of foam generators available.

CHEMGUARD High Expansion Foam Generators generate finished foam by spraying foam solution onto a stainless steel perforated metal screen and expanding the foam with airflow generated by a water powered fan. When used with CHEMGUARD C2 2% High Expansion Foam Concentrate, these generators are capable of producing finished foam with expansion ratios from 332:1 up to 891:1, depending on the model and operating pressure.

Super Vac HXG

The Super Vac HXG attaches easily to any Super Vac PPV (from 16"-30") or Super Vac Smoke Ejector / Industrial Exhauster (from 16"-24") and can be used to produce fan foam up to 1000:1 for tough extinguishments, including oil and mining operations, shop-hold areas and scenes with flammable liquids. It also has the advantage of handling tough spills from Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Imen Tiar Mechanical Foam Generators

Imen Tiar mechanical foam generators produce a high volume of foam by using a water-powered fan to push water and a foam concentrate through a stainless steel perforated metal screen. When used with a variety of foam concentrates, these generators are capable of producing finished high-expansion foam at expansion rates from 350 to 600 gallons for every gallon of foam solution, depending on the model, solution flow rate and operating pressure.

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