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Benefits of CLC Material

2023-07-11 04:50:02  News

clc material is a type of concrete that uses fly ash and foaming agent. This type of concrete is used in construction and offers many benefits compared to normal clay bricks. These include low density, high thermal insulation, sound suppression, and fire resistance. It is also cheaper and lighter than conventional concrete. This is especially beneficial during construction because it reduces the amount of labor needed to install building walls.

It is an eco-friendly construction material as it makes use of waste materials from industry and doesn’t require wood which helps save deforestation. It also doesn’t release any harmful effluents into the ground, water or air during production. Its low weight means it can be easily transported, which reduces transportation costs.

CLC blocks are also a lot more durable than traditional bricks and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are also fire resistant and termite proof. They are more affordable than traditional bricks and can be used to build both commercial and residential buildings. They are also better insulators and can help to lower the electricity bills of homeowners.

Unlike ordinary concrete, clc is much lighter in weight with a density of 300 to 1800 kg/m3. This is three times less than clay or fly ash brocks. This enables you to reduce the cost of steel and cement, as well as transportation. It can also save a lot of installation time as it is easy to handle and requires less energy.

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