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Foamed Cement is Used in Plastic Greenhouses of Ranches and Farms

2020-12-18 16:11:00  News

Foamed cement is used in plastic greenhouses of ranches and farms

Foamed cement is also called aerated concrete, foamed concrete and foamed light soil foamed concrete. Foamed cement with active calcium materials, active silicon, inorganic light aggregate and other inorganic gelled material, and according to the product characteristics directly mixed with efficient mixture of microcellular foaming foam, can be directly pouring construction site, also can be made into blocks, plank, the technology products in 200 ~ 1800 kg/m3, dry density is 1/10-9/10 of the normal concrete density, is a new type of light, fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, permeability, high strength and energy-saving materials.
Application performance advantages of foamed cement on large boron in farms and ranches:

1. Light weight: the density of foamed concrete is between 200 kg/m3 and 1800kg/m3, 1/10-9/10 of the concrete, which can effectively reduce the load of the building; Generally, foam concrete between 500-600kg/m3 is used for lightweight filling.

2. Good sound insulation: the sound insulation performance of foam concrete is 5-8 times that of ordinary cement, which fully solves the sound insulation problem of residential space.
3. Thermal insulation: the thermal conductivity of foamed concrete poured wallboards is all lower than 0.050w/m.K, that is, the thermal insulation performance of 10cm thick wallboards is equivalent to 1m thick brick walls. The practical application has proved that the foam concrete insulated greenhouse can save more than 45% of coal burning in one winter
4, high temperature resistant performance is good, foam concrete applicable temperatures may reach above 400 ℃, applied to the ground radiation heating thermal deformation, thermal decomposition.
5, good aging resistance: foam concrete USES inorganic materials, uv resistance, aging resistance, and the main body of the building with the same life.

6, construction of efficient: foam concrete directly USES professional semi-automatic foam concrete production equipment construction, the construction 2000-3000 ㎡ / machine-team per day, save manpower and material resources, save construction time limit for a project.

7, good integrity: foam concrete pouring without interruption, good integrity.
8, with fire resistance: foamed concrete for inorganic materials, high fire resistance, will not burn, so as to have good fire resistance, the use of the building, can improve the fire resistance of the building.
9. The construction cost is about 40% lower than that of the greenhouse greenhouse with 37cm red brick and thermal insulation facilities
10 beautiful and generous: the outer wall of foamed concrete plastic greenhouses can be painted with paint, and can also be pasted with wall tiles or other decorative treatment. The overall building is fashionable and magnificent, which can save a lot of construction costs.
Easy installation: foamed concrete plastic greenhouses can be processed according to the design requirements and specifications. The greenhouses can be installed quickly and conveniently, which can greatly save labor costs and freight. At the same time, one-time pouring can be designed in advance. Flexibility, integrity.
Foamed concrete plastic greenhouses can be used to build greenhouses, vegetable greenhouses, yangguan greenhouses, fruit and vegetable greenhouses, ecological greenhouses, tourist greenhouses, cold and warm greenhouses, breeding greenhouses and planting greenhouses for the planting industry in cold areas of Beijing, China. It is a new kind of greenhouse. Set heat preservation, bearing, corrosion resistance in one, they do not exist ultraviolet radiation cracking, moisture back halogen, weathering peeling, poor bearing capacity, short service life and other defects.

Of course, there are many new applications of foamed cement to be explored. You know what other new application areas, welcome to leave a message to discuss.

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