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Why choose foam concrete

2020-12-18 16:45:36  News

 In ancient times, people's building insulation is relatively low, and energy consumption in summer and winter is enormous, which is very detrimental to our living environment. The appearance of foam concrete has slowed down this situation.

1. The fire resistance of foam concrete is good

Many polyurethane foam temperature materials are flammable, and it is challenging to prevent fires by adding flame retardants, and they also release toxic gases when burned.

The primary raw material of foam concrete is cement, which has very high fire resistance and will not cause a fire at all.

2. Good sound insulation

In the past, foamed polystyrene boards were often used, which have relatively poor sound insulation performance. The sound insulation of foamed concrete of the same thickness is 50% better than polystyrene boards.

3.Low pollution

Polyurethane foam and other organic materials will release harmful gases no matter the production period or the late aging period, endangering health,

The main component of foam concrete is inorganic materials, which do not release harmful gases and are green building materials to the environment.

4. Save energy

The main component of ordinary insulation materials is organic matter, which consumes more petroleum resources during production. The energy consumption of foam concrete production is deficient.

5, fast and straightforward

Foam concrete can be cast-in-situ construction, saving a lot of production energy and processing costs.

6.Low water permeability

The water absorption of foam concrete is generally lower than 10%, and better product water absorption can reach 2% -5%. Adapt to complex construction environments.

7, low density, sound insulation effect

Foam concrete is lightweight concrete with a thickness of 150-450kg / m³. The thermal conductivity is only 0.055-0.1w (m · k).

8, good durability

The general building life is 50-100 years, while the organic insulation materials are 20-25 years, and the concrete foam materials can generally exceed 50 years. Once constructed, it can be insulated for life.

At present, the energy crisis is gradually accelerating, and the environment is slowly deteriorating. Based on the excellent properties of foamed concrete, foamed concrete will become the object of vigorous global development in the future.

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