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What is a Concrete Foam Generator?

2023-04-09 13:40:02  News

A concrete foam generator is an air compressor-based device that produces foam by mixing a liquid chemical and air. Foam is a stable, air-filled material that's used for a variety of purposes, including in the filling of voids in foundations, trenches and excavations.

Foamed concrete is a lightweight, free-flowing type of concrete that doesn't require compacting or levelling. It's also very strong, with good water and frost resistance.

It is a light-weight and durable material that has many applications, including insulating flat roofs or cold storage walls. It is also an ideal choice for fireproofing.

The 'dry' method of producing foam is much more stable and uniform than the 'wet' process that uses the Venturi effect. The 'dry' method is also more efficient, reducing waste and saving on maintenance costs.

EABASSOC Foam Generators manufacture a range of dry foam generators that can make the exact quantity and density of foam needed. The dry foam generators are available in both stationary and portable designs.

These machines are designed for foam preparation, incorporating a holding (filler) tank, a foaming unit and a lance unit. They can produce 200 to 400 litres of foam per minute at 40 to 130 psi of air pressure. The output volume and the frequency of production can be regulated by valves on the foam generator, depending on the application.

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