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What is Foam Concrete?

2023-03-08 22:20:04  News

what is foam concrete?

Foam concrete is a type of concrete that is light and porous. It can be used for structural, partitioning and insulation applications as well as filling applications. It can be produced with a variety of materials and possesses unique characteristics that include lightweightness, controlled low strength, thermal insulation and acoustics performance.

What is the difference between fresh and hardened density?

The fresh and hardened properties of foam concrete are mainly affected by the pore structure, microstructure and water-cement ratio. The pore structure is influenced by the type of aggregate and the content of mineral additives.

Effect of FA on drying shrinkage

The use of fine aggregate (FA) in the preparation of foam concrete has a negative effect on drying shrinkage [6,8,11,12]. The increase in water absorption in FA pastes increases the evaporation rate and the density decreases. In addition, the pore size distribution of FA sand in foam concrete is reduced due to its empty texture compared to natural sand.

Compressive strength in foam concrete can be increased with the addition of silica fume to the concrete, or with quicklime in autoclave foam concrete. This increases the compressive strength of foam concrete, especially when it is prepared with a fixed amount of cement and an increase in the content of mineral additives.

The permeability, porosity, pore size and pore distribution of concrete-based materials are all directly correlated with their strength properties. The porosity, permeability and pore size of foam concrete are also important because they influence the mechanical, thermal and durability properties of the material.

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