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What are the types of lightweight concrete

2021-02-07 08:40:09  News

What is lightweight concrete?

Lightweight concrete is often used in many engineering buildings, and lightweight concrete refers to concrete made with light coarse and fine aggregates and cement. Lightweight concrete is a general term for concrete with a bulk density not greater than 1950kg/m3. So what types of lightweight concrete are included?


There are three main types of lightweight concrete

1. Lightweight aggregate concrete has an apparent density of 800~1950 kg/m3. Lightweight aggregates include pumice, volcanic slag, ceramsite, expanded perlite, expanded slag, slag, etc.

2. Hollow concrete (foamed concrete, aerated concrete), its apparent density is 300-1000 kg/m3. Foamed concrete is made of cement slurry or cement mortar and stable foam. Aerated concrete is made of cement, water and gas generating agent.

3. Macroporous concrete (ordinary macroporous concrete, light aggregate macroporous concrete) has no fine aggregate in its composition. The apparent density of ordinary macroporous concrete ranges from 1500 to 1900 kg/m3, and is prepared with crushed stone, soft stone, and heavy slag as aggregates. The apparent density of light aggregate macroporous concrete is 500-1500 kg/m3, and it is prepared with ceramsite, pumice, broken brick, slag, etc. as aggregates.

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