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Water Reducing Agent

2023-01-18 06:50:02  News

Water reducing agent is an admixture that can help to decrease the water consumption and also improve the durability and functionality of concrete. The first water reducing agent was used in the United Kingdom in the 1930s. Other countries like Japan and the United States have developed the technology of using this admixture.

Typically, water reducing admixtures fall into three categories: low, medium, and high. Low range reduces the amount of mixing water by more than twelve percent; medium range reduces it by more than fifty percent; and high range increases it by more than ten percent.

Lignosulfonates were the first class of water reducing agents. They are a mixture of a polymer electrolyte and a water-soluble multifunctional substance. These two compounds have the property of dispersing dirt and calcium phosphate, and they can also disperse biological slime and zinc ions. In addition to being used as a water reducing agent, these substances are also commonly used as waterproofing agents.

Water reducing agents are usually made of an anionic surfactant. It has two parts: a hydrophilic group and a hydrophobic group. These are typically mixed with other chemicals.

Sodium lignosulfonate is a common water reducing agent. Lignosulfonates can be used as a sulphonating agent and alkali neutralizing agent. They can also be used as a catalyst.

Melamine is a high-efficiency water reducing agent. Melamine is prepared from a sulfonating agent and an aldehydic acid molecule. This type of water reducing agent has very high efficiency and is suitable for engineering with a good flowability and excellent durability.

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