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Types of Foam Stabilizers and Application in Foam Concrete

2020-12-18 15:55:38  News

1. What is foam stabilizer?

The aqueous solutions of various foaming agents are used in the fields of concrete, magnesite, gypsum, urea-formaldehyde resin, etc. by using the foam produced by the foaming machine. Because the bubbles are easily broken, it affects the effect of foaming agent to some extent. Any substance that can improve bubble stability and prolong the half-life of bubble collapse can be called a foam stabilizer.

2.Types of foam stabilizers

(1) Foam stabilizers for macromolecular substances, such as polyacrylamide, polyvinyl alcohol, protein, peptides, starch, cellulose, etc. This type of substance has a certain foam stabilizing effect because it can increase the viscosity of the foam and reduce the fluidity of the foam. However, the operation is complicated, the effect is limited, and the foaming volume is reduced.

(2) Silicone resin polyether emulsion (MPS), this type of molecule can control the structural stability of the bubble liquid film, so that the surfactant molecules are distributed in an orderly manner in the bubble liquid film, giving the foam good elasticity and self-repairing ability . Advantages: obvious foam stabilizing effect, easy to use. The disadvantage is that there are many synthetic isomers and it is difficult to control. The scope of use is limited to sodium lauryl sulfate (K12), fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sodium sulfate (AES), sodium α-alkenyl sulfonate (AOS) and other anions. Surfactant foam stabilization.

(3) Non-ionic surfactants, dodecyl dimethyl amine oxide, alkyl alcohol amide, the foam stabilizing mechanism of these substances is to reduce the repulsive force of the anionic group of the liquid membrane anionic surfactant to achieve foam stabilization. The foam stabilizing effect is average, and there are many products of dodecyl dimethyl amine oxide and alkyl alcohol amide, the quality is difficult to distinguish, and there are many by-products and impurities that are not conducive to foam stabilization.

(4) Fatty alcohol and fatty acid foam stabilizers. This type of substance has a foam stabilizing mechanism similar to that of 3, but it is a poorly soluble substance and is extremely inconvenient to use.

3. Foam stabilizer has the following functions in foam concrete

(1) Increase the viscosity of the foaming system and improve the mechanical strength of the liquid film;

(2) Improve the foam liquid film bomb and minimize the damage rate caused by external forces;

(3) Increase the self-repairing ability of the liquid film to minimize the probability of rupture;

(4) Make the bubbles smaller and more uniform.


The role of foam stabilizer is the foam stabilizer. The most effective and low-cost foam stabilizer is protein-based, followed by polymer compounds, and finally surfactants. Foamed concrete energy-saving roof structure generally includes structural layer, insulation layer, slope finding layer, leveling layer and waterproof layer. The foam concrete roof system is a new construction method that uses the on-site pouring method to replace the insulation layer, the slope finding layer or the leveling layer with the foam concrete, which simplifies the roof construction process and can form a solid whole with the concrete roof.


There are two ways to add foam stabilizer. One is to add the foam stabilizer directly to the slurry when mixing with the cement slurry, and the added amount is relatively large. In addition to increasing bubble stability, it can also stabilize the slurry and prevent the solid particles from sinking and the slurry layering. The other is to add a foam stabilizer to the foaming agent to become a part of the foaming agent. This kind of foam stabilizer is generally added in a small amount to increase viscosity and stabilize foam.

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