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Type of Water Reducing Agent

2020-12-18 17:25:25  News

With the continuous evolution of human civilization, the scientific and technological knowledge is becoming more and more perfect, and the pace of electronic, informational, technical, and industrialization is striding forward. The city's high-rise buildings are erected, and the city's expressways are staggered, and the construction of concrete buildings closely related to it is impossible. The lack of water reducing agent is also being replaced.

The polycarboxylate water reducing agent widely used at present is the third generation water reducing agent after lignin and naphthalene water reducing agent.As an excellent concrete admixture, polycarboxylate water reducer greatly improves the performance of various aspects of traditional concrete and has made great contributions to the industrialization process.It has a wide adaptability and can play a good role in different kinds of cement and gravel concrete.

1、Low shrinkage and shrinkage polycarboxylate water reducer

Concrete shrinkage is a phenomenon often encountered during concrete construction. It is caused by the surface tension of concrete. Large shrinkage will seriously affect the quality of concrete construction.Compared with the ordinary polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent, the water reducing agent greatly reduces the surface tension, and the liquid slurry fluidity effect is obviously superior to the ordinary polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent, and the shrinking effect is also superior.

The water reducing agent not only has good water-dispersion dispersibility, but also has functions of reducing and shrinking, and can be said that the water reducing agent is a multifunctional polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent.

2、Reduced viscosity polycarboxylate water reducer

During the construction of high-strength concrete, the concrete will be sticky and the flow rate will be slow. This phenomenon can easily cause high-rise pumping concrete blockage accidents.Affecting the normal construction of the site and causing greater economic losses,In order to meet the needs of actual construction, many mixing stations or building materials companies use a special admixture, a reduced viscosity polycarboxylate water reducer.

3、Anti-mud polycarboxylate water reducer

Clay or stone powder is a unique component of the mechanism sand. Unlike river sand, the mechanism sand containing clay or stone powder has a great influence on the application of polycarboxylate water reducer, and the actual construction is difficult to promote.The large specific surface area of the clay or stone powder particles has a strong adsorption effect on the polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent, and the polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent is not well bonded to the cement particles after being adsorbed, thereby losing the water reducing effect.Therefore, anti-mudants have become the focus of research by researchers in various countries.However, due to the relatively complex types and components of clay or stone powder, the research and application of anti-mudants have not made significant progress.In addition, the use of anti-mudants has significantly increased the production cost of single-sided concrete, and many building materials units and researchers have regained their sights on anti-mud polycarboxylate water reducers.The various functional groups contained in the water reducing agent make it have new functions and excellent properties which are not available in many conventional water reducing agents.However, without extensive universality and good economics, more researchers need to continue to explore.

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