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The best TH-928 Polycarboxylic High-Performance Water-Reducing Admixture

2020-12-18 16:12:59  News

TH-928 polycarboxylic high-performance water-reducing admixture (OPQC series water reducer)

TH - 928 Polycarboxylic acid is a new kind of high performance

water-reducing agent which has many useful properties. It is on the forefront in the world; it has the highest levels of science and technology; it has the best application prospect. All of these bring it to be a concrete super plasticizer (water reducing agent) with the optimum comprehensive properties.

TH - 928 department of poly carboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent is carboxylic acid type multiple copolymer grafted products. Compared to other performance of similar products at home and abroad, it shows that TH - 928 poly carboxylic acid is a high performance water reducing agent in the technical performance indicators, which has reached the performance/price ratio in today's international advanced level.

What are the performance characteristics of the TH-928 polycarboxylic high-performance water - reduc ing admixture?

1. When there are low dosage and high water reduction rate, it is up to 45%;

2. When the slump is light, its loss is small. The slump loss rate of ready-mixed concrete is less than 5% in 1h and 10% in 2h;

3. It has significant enhancement effect: concrete 3d compressive strength increased by 50-110%, 28d compressive strength increased by 40-80%,90d compressive strength increased by 30-60%;

4, Concrete workability is good. There is no segregation and bleeding phenomenon. Concrete appearance color is uniform. When the TH-928 polycarboxylic high-performance water-reducing admixture

is used to prepare high grade concrete, the concrete has good cohesion and is easy to mix.

5. It has moderate air content. It has no adverse impact on concrete elastic modulus. Instead, it has good frost resistance and durability;

6, It can reduce the early hydration heat of cement, so it is conducive to mass concrete and summer construction;

7. It has excellent adaptability, good compatibility of cement and admixture, good temperature adaptability, good compatibility with different kinds of cement and admixture, which solves the problem of poor compatibility between other types of water-reducing agent and cementing materials;

8, It has the capacity of low shrinkage, which can significantly reduce concrete shrinkage. Its frost and melt resistance and carbonization resistance is significantly better than ordinary concrete. What is more, it  significantly improve concrete volume stability and long-term durability.

9. Due to its extremely low alkali content (alkali content ≤0.2%) , it can effectively prevent the occurrence of alkali aggregate reaction

10. Due to the good stability of products, there is no stratification and precipitation in long-term storage, no crystallization at low temperature;

11. The products are environmentally friendly and free of formaldehyde.

12, It has good economic benefits. Its comprehensive cost of the project is lower than the use of other types of products. What is more, under the same strength condition, the TH-928 polycarboxylic high-performance water-reducing admixture can save 15-25% of cement.

Technical indicators of the TH-928 polycarboxylic high-performance water-reducing admixture

Exterior view of the TH-928 polycarboxylic high-performance water-reducing admixture is light brown liquid

Its Density (g/ml) is 1.09±0.02

Its solid content (%) is 22±2

Its net cement paste fluidity (benchmark cement) (mm) is ≥ 250 (W/C=0.29)

Its PH is among 6 ~ 8

Its Chloride ion content (%) is ≤ 0.02

Its Alkali content (Na2O+0.658K2O) (%) ≤ 0.2

The instructions of the TH-928 polycarboxylic high-performance water-reducing admixture

1.  The admixture is 0.4% ~ 2.0% of the total weight of cementing materials, and the commonly used admixture is 0.4% ~ 1.2%. Concrete test should be carried out before use in order to optimize the mixing quantity; 

2.  It can not be mixed with naphthalene series of efficient water-reducing agent. And the concrete compatibility test shall be done in advance before it is mixed with other admixtures;

3. Slump is highly sensitive to water consumption, and water consumption must be strictly controlled during use;

4.  Pay attention to concrete surface curing.

The application scope of the TH-928 polycarboxylic high-performance water-reducing admixture

It is suitable for pumping or normal concrete works with strength grade C15~C60 or above, it is especially suitable for concrete works with high endurance, high flow state, high slump protection, high strength and high demand for appearance quality. What is more, It is very advantageous to prepare high fluidity concrete, self-compacting concrete and water-faced concrete.

The packaging and storage of the polycarboxylic high-performance water-reducing admixture

1. Th-928 polycarboxylic acid series high-performance water reducer is a liquid product, which is packaged in barrels;

2. It shall be stored in a cool and dry bath, and it should be avoided direct sunlight and shall be prevented from frost in winter;

3. The seal storage period is 12 months. After the expiration of the period,  it can be used once they have proven safe enough to consume.

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