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The Very Good Choice of Concrete Waterproof to Believe in

2020-12-18 17:03:27  News

What do you need to pay attention to about waterproof concrete?

1. Shrinkage, temperature-related stress and related problems all lead to cracks in concrete. Even the smallest crack leads to the water. Waterproofing concrete admixtures help to reduce cracks but cannot eliminate them. When the waterproof concrete fails, grouting method is usually used to solve the problem. However, in these cases it is difficult to isolate the source of the leakage because water can migrate within concrete slabs or walls. This is not only expensive to fix, but it can cause serious problems, such as mold, because there is no way to really remove water once it is in concrete. This is another reason why waterproof concrete is best left for low-risk, unfinished space, as having to open walls for grouting would be cumbersome and expensive. Especially in deep basements, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find and fix leaks.

2. When waterproof concrete is not enough: for finished Spaces that require a dry environment, public rooms/storage Spaces, or deep basements with limited water vapor tolerance, pre-coated waterproof membrane for concrete are better than waterproof concrete because they can resist hydrostatic pressure that would otherwise push water into the structure. Pre-applied waterproof, waterproof barriers are placed before concrete slabs and walls are cast. The concrete is then poured over the top of the membrane to form a binder that prevents water and moisture from entering. By fully combining and applying waterproof in advance, the membrane basically compensates for structural faults. For example, if cracks form due to ground subsidence, the waterproof film should remain attached to the concrete. In addition, any repair problems should be minimal due to the bond strength between the concrete and the film. This combination prevents water from moving laterally, so it's easier and cheaper to isolate and fix leaks than to use waterproof concrete.

The application of concrete waterproofing

Waterproof concrete (also known as monolithic concrete) is usually used in retaining structures and less important basements that are less than 10 meters deep, where soil conditions are less aggressive and flooding less severe. This includes some unfinished fundamental utility field, such as car parks and workshops, concrete foundation waterproofing,some of which are tolerable with seepage and damp patches.

The advantages of concrete waterproofing of our company-the best concrete waterproof sealer

1. It has efficient water reduction and enhancement.

2. It has high-efficiency anti-permeability function: mixing with concrete water-proofing agent can effectively improve the wool pore structure of concrete. At the same time it can separate gel, block the wool pore channel inside the concrete. Compared with no water-proofing agent, anti-permeability performance can be increased 5-8 times, with waterproof effect.

3. Improve the working performance of mortar: it can improve the workability of fresh mortar with a small refreshing rate, and significantly improve the workability of mortar.

4. Benefit analysis: it can replace the plaster, overcome the empty drum, lift the shell, reduce the dust, save labor and improve the efficiency.

5. Retarding effect: it can delay the heat release rate of cement hydration and effectively prevent concrete cracking.

6. Saving cement: under the premise of maintaining the same strength and slump as the benchmark concrete, 10% cement can be saved.

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