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The Influence of Pore Size and Bleeding Rate of Foam Produced by the Foaming Agent on the Quality of Foam Concrete

2021-01-25 09:56:41  News

Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete has an extremely critical impact on the quality of foamed concrete. High-quality Foaming Agent can make high-quality foamed concrete. The performance of Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete is not only related to the stabilization time and uniformity of the foam, but also to the size of the bubble and the bleeding rate.

The foam diameter of Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete is not as big as possible, it should be about 1mm

The pores have the same requirements for the pore diameter, and the same should be the same for the bubble diameter. Many producers ask the foam pore size to be as small as 0.1mm. In fact, it is because if the physical foaming has a large foam diameter, the stability of the foam is poor and foamed concrete cannot be made. The same raw materials and formula, the same equipment and technology, just change the bubble diameter, the compressive strength of foam concrete with 1mm bubble diameter is at least 20% higher than that of foam concrete with 0.1mm bubble diameter. Therefore, it is wrong to pursue a large bubble diameter of 0.1mm or more. It is a misunderstanding in the production of foam concrete and should be corrected.

Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete's foam bleeding rate is as low as possible, avoid using milky foam

According to the size of water content, foam is divided into milky foam with more water and less foam and sponge foam with more and less water. Among them, milky foam is unqualified and inferior foam and cannot be used.


After the foam of the Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete is produced, it gradually oozes water. The bleeding consists of two parts:

(1) Bleeding of foam liquid film. This part of water is secreted from the liquid film, which is the water secreted by the liquid film under the combined action of gravity drainage, surface tension drainage, and liquid film destruction drainage. The thicker the liquid film of the foam, the greater the bleeding; the faster and more the foam bursts, the greater the bleeding.

(2) Water between bubbles. This part is water with no bubble liquid film formed. The worse the foaming performance of Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete and the foaming machine, the more water between the bubbles that cannot form a foam liquid film. They are actually water that can't become bubbles.

When the bleeding rate of the foam is high, it will be as thin as floating juice, turbulent flow, can not pile up, the amount of water in the foam is very large. When this kind of foam is added to the cement slurry, the cement slurry becomes very thin, but the foam is very small, the volume of the slurry is small, and the foamed concrete produced has a high density, which does not meet the technical requirements.

Therefore, milky foam cannot be used. The appearance of the foam that meets the technical requirements should be spongy, fine and small bubbles, piled up like white clouds, like bounced cotton, and will not flow randomly. The water content of this foam is very small. This shows that its foam liquid film has little bleeding, the foam is not easy to burst, there is little water between the bubbles, and the amount of bubbles is large, and most of the volume is air bubbles. What needs to be emphasized here is that the sponge foam must be small bubbles with a bubble diameter of less than 1mm, not large bubbles of a few millimeters or even tens of millimeters. Large bubbles are easy to pile up, and they look like white clouds, but because the bubble diameter is too large, it is also unqualified.

The low bleeding of foam is required to ensure the number of bubbles in the foam and the porosity of the foam concrete, which is to ensure the density of the foam concrete.

The foam of Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete has no side effects on cementitious materials

Cementitious material is the main source of the strength of foam concrete. The addition of Foaming Agent for Foam Concrete cannot affect its gelation, that is, it does not produce negative gelation effects. This cannot be achieved by all kinds of bubbles.

In long-term tests, we have found that many foams hinder the gelation of cement, magnesite and gypsum, which can reduce the strength of foamed concrete, and sometimes even the hardened concrete basically loses its strength. The stability of these foams is very good. It lasts for a few hours. It looks like a sponge, has low bleeding, and has a uniform density. It meets the technical requirements in all aspects, but it is not compatible with the gelling material, so it cannot be used in production. . This shows that foams that are qualified in other aspects, such as the impact strength, are ultimately not technical requirements.

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